"Bird in Paradise"


Oil on canvas.


10" x 8"



Bird in Paradise

  • open, edition, limited, prints, hummingbird, bird, tropical, costa rica, white-necked, jacobin, neotropical

    I enjoy walks in the rain, especially when in the rainforest! We were hiking around gardens near Arenal volcano and found many hummingbirds perched or preening in the rain. They seemed to enjoy the light rains as much as I did!

    This beautiful little White-necked jacobin hummingbird paused for a rest on a Bird of Paradise flower near Arenal volcano, Costa Rica.

    This piece is available as a limited edition of 50 stretched canvas prints, hand signed and numbered.

    It may also be purchased as open edition prints on paper, metal or acrylic.

    The original oil painting is SOLD!


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