"Be Warned"


Oil on linen.


12" x 12"



Be Warned

  • Most of my work is based on animals in the wild whenever possible. When working with captive animals, their care and responsibility of the caretakers is very important to me. This grizzly was a captive bear under the care and training of the well-respected "Triple D" game farm in Montana. The funny thing about him is after he stood up and issued this ferocious call he would sit down with an apologetic look that said "I didn't really mean it, I'm a sweet bear!" Still captive or not he was still a wild animal and that was not forgotten!


    This big grizzly looked formidable but was actually a sweetheart! He was a captive bear working with his trainer. After giving his big ominous snarl he would then give a contrite look as if to say "really I'm a nice bear". T


    This piece is available as a limited edition of 50 stretched prints on canvas, hand signed and numbered. It can also be purchased as open edition prints on paper, metal or acrylic.


    The framed original oil painting on linen is AVAILABLE!


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