"Birds of a Feather"


Oil on canvas.


36" x 24"



Birds of a Feather

  • Oxpeckers are often welcomed by their larger friends as they pick off ticks and other parasites. This was not the case for this zebra which had survived a recent lion attack. While the birds cleaned the wound (artistic license allowed me to leave this part out), it was uncomfortable to the zebra who would repeatedly brush off the little birds.

    Oxpecker birds are found on many larger animals in Africa. The energy created by the movement of the birds with the stripes of the zebra added fun to this piece.

    This piece is available as a limited edition of 50 stretched canvas prints, hand signed and numbered.

    It may also be purchased as open edition prints on paper, metal or acrylic.

    The framed original oil painting on canvas is AVAILABLE!


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