Oil on linen.


12" x 12"




  • sloth, three-toed, tropical, prints, edition, open, limited, painting, oil, original

    Sloths only come down to the ground to defecate once a week. The rest of their time is spent slowly moving in the treetops, eating and curling up in a ball to rest. They even give birth while hanging in the trees! The baby literally drops out and mom reaches down to grab it!

    While hiking down to a waterfall in Fortuna, Costa Rica, I saw this three-toed sloth climbing along the treetops. Then a little pink nose poked out!

    This piece is available as a limited edition of 50 stretched canvas prints, hand signed and numbered.

    It may also be purchased as open edition prints on paper, metal or acrylic.

    The original oil painting on linen canvas is AVAILABLE!


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