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"Jewels of Elmenteita"


oil on canvas

White pelicans Lake Elmenteita, Kenya


Jewel of Elmenteita

  • Great white pelicans are migratory birds, much larger than the brown pelican to which many of us are familiar. One of their  prime nesting grounds is on Lake Elmenteita in Kenya. This lake is also home to great and lesser flamingos and a host of other water birds. The lake is on the Soysambu Conservancy, a prime example of how farming and nature can work together and coexist. The nesting grounds were at risk of development with the ever expanding human population but for now it has been protected and the future of these majestic birds is safe.

    The splash created by the take off of this Great white pelican on Kenya's Lake Nakuru provided the inspiration for this piece. The pelicans have a very limited nesting grounds and nest in nearby Lake Elmenteita. This lake was under threat of development but thanks to efforts by the Soysambu Conservancy and other groups, the nesting grounds are safe for now.

    The framed original oil painting on canvas is AVAILABLE!

    Please inquire if you are interested in print options.

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