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"Nathan's Koi"


oil on canvas

Koi from Maui



Nathan's Koi

  • Koi fish are treasured and very valuable to many. Their colors are bright and they are always willing to take a hand out! We were on vacation in Maui and out hotel had a koi pond with pellets that guests could feed them. Our toddler son enjoyed his morning ritual of feeding the "fishies" after breakfast.

    When my son was a toddler, he took such joy in feeding koi fish at a pond in Hawaii. He would feed them every morning!

    The original oil painting is SOLD!

    Please inquire if you are interested in print options.

    This piece was on the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association September 15, 2013.

  • Cover piece for the Journal of the American Veterinary medical Association (JAVMA) September 15, 2013

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