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"Meeting of the Minds"


Oil on canvas

White rhinos - Lake Nakuru, Kenya


Meeting of the Minds

  • White rhinos are social and often found in groups. "White" is not due to their color but rather from an Afrikaans word for "wide" given that they have wide flat lips, compared to their timid pointy lipped black rhino counterparts. White rhinos are grazers, versus black rhinos which browse off shrubs.

    These white rhinos were sharing a touching moment at Lake Nakuru, Kenya. I have always been fascinated by rhinos! White rhinos are social and while they can be intimidating, they also have a gentle side!

    The framed original oil painting on linen canvas is AVAILABLE!

    Please inquire if you are interested in print options.

    This piece was featured in the 2014 Artists for Conservation Show and is published in the show book.

  • 2014 The Art of Conservation - An International Exhibit of Nature in Art (juried exhibition of members of the Artists for Conservation)

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