"Ready to Wed"


Oil on linen.


12" x 16"



Ready to Wed

  • I was unaware that the Maasai wore their heavy beading every day but later found out they do. This young woman was likely ready to marry or recently wed based on her beading. This lovely Maasai woman was found walking with her brother and two donkeys on Amboseli National Park, Kenya.


    This piece is available as a limited edition prints on paper, metal or acrylic. The original oil painting on linen is AVAILABLE!


    This Maasai woman was spotted with her younger brother and 2 donkeys wandering the pains of Amboseli, Kenya, Tha Maasai are nomadic people moving with the rains to care for thei cattle. They are very tradition people with many ceremonies marking different stages of life. They are also known for the high jumping ritauls and elaborate beadwork which is part of their daily life and ceremonies.


    I have pledged a portion of all sales of the piece and its limited edition giclees to the African Wildlife Foundation. Together we can make a difference.


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