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oil on linen

Young bull elephant feeling frisky - Samburu, Kenya



  • Samburu is known for red elephants due to the high concentrations of iron oxide in the soil. Elephants dust bathe and therefore take on the color of the soil in their environment.

    Elephants will shake in a dust bath after swimming, but it can also be a sign of irritation or agitation. This young bull wanted to be sure we kept our distance and showed he was a tough guy! The reference came from experiences with elephants in Samburu, Kenya.

    The original oil painting on linen canvas is AVAILABLE!

    Please inquire if you are interested in print options.

    This piece will be featured in the 2020 Artists for Conservation Live and Virtual shows and will be published in the show book.

  • Shown and published - The Art of Conservation - An International Exhibit of Nature in Art (juried exhibition of members of the Artists for Conservation) 2020

    Meritorious Award - The Richeson75 Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2020

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