"Sudan - Facing Extinction"


Oil on canvas.


48 x 36"


Sudan - Facing Extinction

  • Due to habitat loss and poaching, the Northern white rhinoceros will be extinct in our lifetimes. Sudan was the last male. He lived to his full life expectancy at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. The last two females of the species still live there but one is too old to reproduce and the other has not gotten pregnant with assisted reproductive techniques. I met Sudan before his death and was even able to give him a scratch. The elation of being able to touch such a magnificent creature coupled with the knowledge that he was the last of a species that is out of time was a monumental experience, both good and bad.

    Sudan was the last remaining Northern white rhinoceros in existence. He passed in 2018. This species will be extinct in our lifetimes. 

    The framed original oil painting on linen canvas is in my personal collection!

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