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"Sunlit Sonata"


oil on canvas

Wild Mustangs - Sandwash Basin, CO


Sunlit Sonata

  • There are not many places where wild mustangs still roam free. The places where they are found are almost always under constant threat from ranchers wanting grazing lands and insisting there are too many horses. There is a nobility in a wild horse that is unsurpassed and I hope people work together to find a compromise. A symbol of the Old West and America we cannot let them disappear!

    It felt like a dream to be standing on the open plains of Sand Wash Basin, CO and have two equally matched silver stallions face off in the rising sun. Each came from opposite directions and sized the other up in what seemed a dance. After a whinny and a kick they each went back to their awaiting bands of mares.

    The framed original on canvas is AVAILABLE!

    Please inquire if you are interested in print options.

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