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"Under Cover"


oil on canvas

African black-footed penguins - Boulder's beach, South Africa


Under Cover

  • In Boulder's beach, Simon's Town, Cape town, South Africa, there is a beach you can go to and often see the penguins on and under the rocks. They will sometimes march right past you or swim by you if you are in the water. Further down there is an education center and the penguins have a rookery on the beach (this one you cannot go on but there are boardwalk platforms for observing them). These little penguins enjoy the temperate marine climate and the safety of the bay. Their call sounds like a donkey braying and they are thus also known as Jackass penguins.

    These little African black-footed penguins were taking shelter under the rocks at Boulder's Beach in South Africa. The penguins can be seen as you walk along the beach and sometimes will swim or walk right past you!

    The framed original oil painting on canvas is AVAILABLE!

    Please inquire if you are interested in print options.

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